Posted on: July 28, 2016

Council Highlights July 4 & 18, 2016

yi səxʷḱʷinaʔməm (Council) gave First Reading to IRNo.09 Community Core Phase II Road Constructionand Landscaping Capital Expenditure Bylaw 16-TX-07for the expenditure of up to $450,000. For moreinformation on this bylaw, please contact Ernest Jack,xatus iʔ k’əl sx̌aq’əq’ (Surveyor of Taxes), at 250-769-2400 or

Okanagan Regional Library staff made a presentationto Council as part of their annual update to WFNwho pays for library services so that residents on WFNlands can access the services. There are a number ofservices besides book-lending, including online services,that Members and residents on WFN lands can access.Members are welcome to stop in at their nearest libraryin order to pick up a library card.

yi səxʷḱʷinaʔməm provided an annual donation of$800 to the 2016 Salmon Feast and Celebrationscheduled for sk’əlwístən (September) 16 to 18, 2016at sxʷəxʷnitkʷ (Okanagan Falls Provincial Park.) Formore information on the gathering, please contactDominique Alexis, Events Planner for the OkanaganNation Alliance, at 250-707-0095.

yi səxʷḱʷinaʔməm approved the direct award to WibcoConstruction Ltd. of the 1896 Fox Road DuplexRenovation Project in the amount of $349,907. Theproject will be funded from the 2016/2017 CapitalHousing Budget. For more information on this project,please contact Lori Ann Swite, Property Supervisor, at250-769-4999 or

yi səxʷḱʷinaʔməm approved the award of the OldOkanagan Highway / Shannon Lake Road sidewalkconstruction contract to BC General Contracting in theamount of $932,950.55. A select invitation to tenderwas issues to 5 contractors and 4 of themsubmitted bids. For more information on this project,please contact Derek Corning, Infrastructure Engineer,at 250-769-4999 or

yi səxʷḱʷinaʔməm gave initial consideration for landuse and concurrent zoning amendments for Lots208-1 and 208-2, Plan 97806 CLSR from Low DensityResidential to High Density Residential (land use) andfrom Multi Family Low Density to Multi Family HighDensity (zoning). Both properties are located alongWestside Road across from Lindley Drive. TheCertifi cate of Possession holders for the property wishto increase the property’s development potential andmarketability through the land use and zoning changes.

yi səxʷḱʷinaʔməm approved the Development Plansubmitted for the sanitary sewer connection forWestview Village located at 1999 Highway 97 South,Tsinstikeptum Indian Reserve No. 9 and waived theapplication of Westbank First Nation Sanitary Sewerdevelopment cost charges (“DCCs”) as incentive for thedevelopment to connect to the sewer system since theseptic fi elds are aging and nearing the end of theirlifespan thereby posing environmental andgroundwater risks. This decision is in line with thepolicies of the Regional District of Central Okanaganwhich exempts developments that existed prior to1994.

yi səxʷḱʷinaʔməm gave Final Approval to anamendment of the zoning designation of Lot 531Plan CLSR 104656, Tsinstikeptum Indian Reserve No.9 from Single Family Low Density to Single Family LowDensity – Secondary Suite. The WFN Memberdeveloper wishes to build a secondary suite within thehome located on the property.

For more information on the above 3 developments,please contact Graeme Dimmick, Senior Planner, at250-769-4999 or

yi səxʷḱʷinaʔməm approved the Westbank First NationCorporate Charter developed as the result of veryrobust discussions with yi səxʷḱʷinaʔməm, the ilmixʷəmntityix (Chief Spring Salmon) Committee and thecommunity. Though the Corporate CharterCommunity Working Group only consisted of between 6and 9 members at any one time, there were anadditional 120 Members who participated through socialmedia interaction. Members of the Working Group heldconversations with friends and family as well. As aresult, a good proportion of the community wasengaged in the process with all Members having theability to provide input should they have wished to doso. An implementation plan has been developed as wellfor the implementation of what is outlined in theCharter. It is anticipated that the focus of the fi rst 6months will be to get the board in place. The next 12months will focus on getting policies in place andconsidering the content of the corporate law yet to bedeveloped. By sp’iƛ̕əmtən (April) 2018, everythingshould be in place with the Board operating. For moreinformation on the Corporate Charter, please contactKevin Kingston, xatus xʷstcutən (Council Secretariat /Legal Counsel), at 250-769-4999 or

A presentation was made to WFN Member CoraleeMiller in recognition of her being the winner of theSncəwips Heritage Museum’s logo design contest. Herdesign paid tribute to Mary Derrickson, designer ofthe WFN logo, and recognizes the WFN community, itscultural practices, history, and people. There was nofi nancial compensation associated with the contest but,on behalf of the community, Council recognizedCoralee’s work through the presentation to her of asmaller copy of the artwork created by artist ClintGeorge. The new museum logo was unveiled in aceremony held at the Museum on ɬx̌ʷɬx̌ʷtán (July) 18th.Below is a copy of the logo design.