Posted on: November 7, 2016

2016/17 WFN bursary and scholarship recipients announced

The recipients of the 2016/17 WFN bursaries and scholarship recipients are Aaron Derickson, Krystal Lezard, Kyla Shields, and Pat Raphael Derrickson. The bursary and scholarship program recognizes student WFN Members who strive for academic success and persevere in obtaining post-secondary education while maintaining a balanced lifestyle as students, parents, and community members. WFN recognizes the importance of education the pursuit of career goals. WFN recognizes the importance of education in the pursuit of career goals, and all WFN Member students currently enrolled in a post-secondary program are eligible to apply each year.

The four Food Chiefs Bursaries include the Chief Black Bear, Chief Sr

Skəmxist, Chief Black Bear Bursary

Aaron Derickson, CCG Masters in Indigenous Studies, UBC OkanaganAaron is a proud Syilx Father of two beautiful babies, a husband to Catherine, a mentor toyouth in Westbank and within the Okanagan Nation, a consultant who deals withcommunity engagement and youth programming, a self-proclaimed comedian and adedicated community member. Over the years, Aaron has served his community bycontributing in any way to which he was able. Aaron is currently pursuing his Masters atUBC-Okanagan in the faculty of Global Studies. His area of study is “Leadership from aSyilx perspective, based on the captiklxw” (oral legends). He believes that by living outthe principles found in our oral traditions, we can revitalize our communities and nationfrom our colonial past.

Ntityix, Chief Spring SalmonKrystal Lezard, Fashion Design and Merchandizing, Centre of Arts andTechnologyWai psnaqsilxw,First of all I want to tell you how grateful I am for your part in my education anddevelopment thus far. It certainly has been a tremendous journey. A few years backI accepted the role as an Okanagan Language and Culture Apprentice. My role in thecommunity has provided me with many blessings I will cherish forever. One of thegreatest gifts I have received in serving my community is tenacity. Throughout myadventure in fi nding my authentic self, I have defi nitely faced challenges that could oflead me away from my true passion. The circumstances of life can be cunning and yethave not discouraged me. I have actually by the grace of kulencutn, close family anddear friends pushed harder than ever before. My education is just the beginning.For the past two years I have been studying Fashion Design and Merchandising. My area of interest and vision isdirected towards the business of fashion. I want to develop international relationships, include local artists andcreate opportunities to collaborate with elders and youth. It is vital that I continue learning and remainteachable. Our language and culture is and will always be the driving force of all my heart’s work.What an honor to have accepted this year’s nytitiyxw Spring Salmon Bursary Award. I want to give specialthanks to the women in our community who are working diligently to make a difference. Your wisdom, guidanceand love has done for me what I could not always do for myself. Many thanks to the men who are participatingin the culture and healing of our nation, your work is absolutely amazing. Most importantly many thanks to mybeautiful family for your support, encouragement and inspiration.We shall be in touch awesome sqilxw people!

Siyaʔ, Chief Saskatoon Berry Bursary, CommunityKyla D Shields, Bachelor of Arts – Anthropology and First Nation Studies,UBC VancouverHello! My name is Kyla Shields, my parents are Evelyn Lube and Tom Shields. I amcurrently in my fi nal year of my Bachelor of Arts with majors in Anthropology andFirst Nations Studies at UBC Vancouver. Next year, I hope to be accepted into theEducation program to get my teaching degree in elementary Indigenous Studies.From there, I hope to work with school boards to create meaningful and inclusiveelementary curriculums around First Nations Studies. I have been living inVancouver for 2 years now, but my home is always in the Okanagan. I hope tomake a difference in indigenous and non-indigenous relations, and this begins withgood education at an early age.

St’k’ʷək’ʷip Scholarship, 2016 RecipientPatricia Raphael DerricksonDSTC in First Nation Language and Culture, En’owkin CentreWai! I am Cree and Syilx and born in the Okanagan traditional territory. The oldest of threechildren born to Harry Derrickson and Lena (Cardinal) Derrickson. The land and my familyare my inspiration for my art and the desire to further learn the language of my father.Nsyilxcen is a language that is endangered with presently 3.7% of the population who arefl uent speakers. My art and the sharing of the culture as I learn on this journey is a meansto pass down to future generations the knowledge and language of the ancestors. Lim limt