Posted on: January 27, 2017

WFN Celebrates opening $5.5 million Youth Centre

FRIDAY JANUARY 27, 2017 - WESTBANK: Westbank First Nation proudly opened their new $5.5 Million Youth Centre at 1880 Quail Lane, Westbank, today. The general contractor for the project, WIBCO Construction, ensured the project was completed on time and on budget.

“I’m thrilled to be standing here with the community today as we open the doors to our new Youth Centre,” says Chief Roxanne Lindley. “Westbank First Nation recognizes the importance of our youth and the need to provide safe spaces for them to interact and learn from one another. We thank the community and past Council for coming together to make this project possible.”

The new two-storey, 13,000 sq. ft. Youth Centre replaces the previous 2,100 sq. ft. building purchased second-hand and moved to Quail Lane nineteen years ago. Since 1998, the Central Okanagan's population has increased approximately 30 per cent. Over the same period, WFN’s population nearly doubled from 5,500 residents to over 10,000 today. WFN’s Membership population also grew over 50 per cent during that period.

Youth Centre Construction Progress Slideshow_Page_12.jpg 11 (6).jpg 

The present-day Youth Centre will be equipped with several unique and sustainable features, including:

  • Passive ventilation 
  • Outdoor kitchen and classroom, amphitheatre and learning garden 
  • Wood from WFN‘s Community Forest 
  • Green screens and branch screens

As well, there will be ten offices, a space for WFN’s After-School Program, Youth Programming, Early Years, multi-use areas, and a space for Elders to gather and interact with youth.

“The creation of this facility is another progressive step in providing a positive social foundation in the development of our young people, and we expect it will attract many regional opportunities,” says Gord Couch, WFN’s Advisory Council Chairperson. “We are excited the facility will provide opportunities for residents to rent event and class space, or host recreational programming.”

Benefits include the promotion of active and healthy living, mentorship, engagement and leadership opportunities for youth, as well as safety and pride in the newly lit tree-lined boulevards and pathways connecting to the greater community.

Phase Two of the Youth Centre will include an outdoor recreation area, which is scheduled for construction this summer.

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