Posted on: Thursday, March 30, 2017
For Immediate Release

Conference showcases WFN’s unique economic strength

Westbank First Nation held an Economic Development Conference today showcasing to over 120 business delegates its unique and continued economic strength, and plans for future growth.

“WFN is heavily involved in the business community, and recognizes Economic Development as vital to our long-term success as a self-determining First Nation,” says Chief Roxanne Lindley. “Business, employment, taxes and services generated on WFN lands greatly contribute to the local, regional and provincial economies, and will continue to grow stronger in the coming years.”

WFN has experienced more residential and commercial development and the most lease and land transactions over the last ten years, compared to other First Nations in Canada, along with more than three times the population growth rate in the last five years compared to the Central Okanagan average.

Attributed to a strong and stable leadership, prime location, secure Self-Government Agreement with Canada, and a commitment to building and maintaining successful relationships with the Central Okanagan Regional District and neighbouring municipal governments, WFN is confident it is one of the most attractive places to do business in Canada.

“Our model of growth and development is based on inclusivity, and that is why we held this conference,” says Chief Lindley. “We wanted to hear and learn from the community on what it is they want to see in terms of future economic development, and how we can all play a part in it, together.”

From transit to road networks, parks and trails, density rather than sprawl, and continued engagement, conference delegates from across a variety of business sectors, including neighbouring municipal representatives, had the chance to discuss and provide feedback on many topics with Chief Lindley, Council and a panel of knowledgeable legal and development experts. Lindley says WFN is committed to continually raising development standards and promoting WFN as the culturally rich and unique business community that it is.