Posted on: May 5, 2017

Boil water notice in effect for WFN IR#9residents, businesses

[Added May 12, 11:00am]

WFN IR#9 outlined above. View Interactive Map to find out if your address is located within WFN IR#9 

Clean water available:

Free bulk water available to WFN IR9 residents.


How to boil water - guidelines:

Learn more about how to properly boil your water: boil water information package.


Not sure if this applies to you?

The boil water notice DOES NOT apply to IR#10 residents (the section of WFN closest to the bridge). Only IR#9 residents and business are affected by the boil water notice. If you are unsure whether you live in IR#9 or IR#10, please review the map, type in your address in the top right corner, and ensure your address shows up within the coloured boundary extending between Old Okanagan Highway, Boucherie Road, and East Boundary Road. You may need to zoom out after entering your address.


[Added May 10, 9:55am]

The boil water notice for WFN IR#9 residents and businesses could potentially extend to early June. This is because the turbidity of the lake must first settle, the water lines flushed, and water quality testing completed over a period of several days before the water can be deemed safe to drink. 

[Added May 8, 2017]

The boil water notice remains in effect for all Westbank First Nation IR#9 residents and businesses.


[Added May 5, 8:00pm]

Westbank First Nation IR 9 water users are notified that Westbank First Nation is placing a Boil Water Notice for all users and consumers on the IR#9 Water Distribution network until further notice. If you are unsure if your home or business falls within the IR#9 boundary, click on the map links below to view boundary maps.

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Date effective: May 5, 2017, 8:00pm

Due to an elevation in turbidity readings throughout the afternoon, we are advising that all consumers of the water distribution network boil their water for a minimum of one (1) minute rolling boil prior to consumption. Tap water may be used for cooking, cleaning, disinfection, dish washing and hand washing.

This is required due to the disinfection effectiveness being potentially compromised. The Boil Water notice will be removed when turbidity readings normalize and adequate disinfection is ensured. The increase in readings is due to the high water levels we are experiencing with recent in climate weather. 


Residents: Please ensure that an adequate amount of safe drinking water is stored during this time. 

Contact: Dawn McGrath, Superintendent of Utilities WFN, 1-250-571-4356

OR Krista Derrickson, Manager of Utilities, 250-575-4210

Commercial/Business Users: Please ensure that adequate safe drinking water is available during this time and supplied to customers at all times. 

Contact: Alec Johnson, First Nations Health Authority, 250-212-2170.


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