Posted on: July 11, 2017

Central Okanagan flood recovery information

From the Central Okanagan Emergency Operations Centre:

Demobilization of the Central Okanagan’s flood protection measures is underway. Westbank First Nation residents wondering what to do with sandbags are asked to follow instruction from the Emergency Operations Centre.

A staged demobilization of sandbags began on July 5 and will continue until August. Stage 1, from July 5 to mid-July, will include curbside collection of sandbags. Residents can lower sandbag walls on their property to 60 centimetres (2 feet) and move unused sandbags to curbside for pickup. Crews will sweep the area regularly to remove curbside sandbags. Starting mid-July, full demobilization of sandbags and other flood protection measures will begin.

Residents may utilize a new sandbag app to help inventory the number, location and type of sandbags on private and public property. To do so, visit the Emergency Management BC application.Residents wishing to dispose of sandbags on their own, at their own cost, may do so by dropping off sandbags at drop-off locations throughout the region. Two sandbag drop-off locations throughout Westbank First Nation IR#10 and IR#9 include the WFN Government Building, located at 515 Highway 97 South, and the Boucherie/Old Boucherie intersection.

To find a sandbag drop-off location nearest to you, visit the Emergency Operations Map.

Under no circumstances should sandbags be emptied into creeks, lakes, wetland, beaches or other watercourses. The impact can destroy fish habitat and affect water supply, infrastructure, flood control, navigation and recreational activities. Report violations at 1 877-952-7277, (Option 2) toll-free or #7277 on a cellphone.

For all information regarding flood demobilization, including information about sandbags, debris, docks, boat launches, beaches, water, disaster assistance, visit the Emergency Operations Centre Flood Recovery webpage.