The WFN Community Consultative Group (CCG) was established April 26, 2011 and is an integral part of the First Nations Policing (FNP) Program. The mandate of the CCG is to identify the policing needs of the WFN Community and to provide direction to the RCMP on delivery of the service. The CCG is currently comprised of at least 1 Council member, 1 Elder, 1 WFN youth, at least 3 WFN members at large, as well as appointed WFN staff.

Recently, members of the CCG recommended that Council consider opening up the CCG to allow 1 non-WFN Member seat for a community member who resides on WFN Lands. On April 15, 2024, Council approved this recommendation.

In accordance with the Terms of Reference for the CCG, the CCG meets at least once per quarter and more often if required. The duties and responsibilities include:
(a) Identifying and evaluating policing needs for the community core;
(b) Making recommendations to Council that identify the group’s consensus on policing issues;
(c) Establishing procedures for operation of the CCG and carrying out its duties consistent with the Westbank First Nation Constitution;
(d) Developing productive relationships with the RCMP officers who deliver the FNP services to the community; and
(e) Carrying out such other duties and responsibilities as may be assigned to the CCG to improve its efficiency.

The term of office for the CCG is three (3) years, and the member of the CCG will receive an honorarium in an amount as determined by Council.

To qualify for appointment to the CCG a person must:
(a) not be a WFN Member;
(b) reside on WFN Lands;
(b) possess good character, credibility and reputation;
(c) attend all scheduled meetings of the CCG for the term;
(d) be dedicated to improving the policing program in the community core; and
(e) be dedicated to improving the safety of the community core for the benefit of all WFN members.

If you are interested in serving on the Community Consultative Group, please forward your letter of interest by June 7, 2024 to:

Ashley Mazur, Executive Assistant to the Council Secretariat
WFN Government Building
301-515 Highway 97 South
Kelowna, BC, V1Z 3J2

All persons who express their interest will be considered by the CCG Members and the successful applicant will be determined via a selection process.

For further information on the CCG, please contact Ashley Mazur at the address or email above, or call 250-769-4999 ext 1195.