Posted on: April 29, 2016

Notice of final reading of Local Revenue Law 16-LRL-01 RE: IR No.10 Hwy 97 Water Line Crossing Project

At the General Council Meeting on May 9, 2016, the final draft of the Local Revenue Law 16-LRL-01 will be read and considered for enactment.

Summary of the Local Revenue Law 16-LRL-01

Under Westbank First Nation Subdivision Development and Servicing Law 2005-15, Westbank First Nation may levy Development Cost Charges (DCC’s) against a parcel of land to be developed; which DCC’s are intended to pay the cost of off-site infrastructure services that are required to accommodate growth

Under Local Revenue Law 16-LRL-01, WFN will be empowered to expend IR No.10 Water Transmission Development Cost Charges Projects Reserve Funds up to $70,000.00 to fund the construction of a 300 mm waterline crossing Hwy 97 Project (the “IR No.10 Hwy 97Water Line Crossing Project”).

First reading of the draft Law 16-LRL-01 was given by Council March 29, 2016, third and final reading will be given on May 09th 2016. A Local Revenue Law is exempted from second reading by section 60.9 of the WFN Constitution.

A copy of the final draft law may be obtained from the Department of Taxation at the WFN Administration Office, located at 515 Highway 97 South, Westbank, BC.

Meeting Details:

Date:     Monday, May 09, 2016
Time:     8:30 AM
Location:Board Room, Lindley Building#310-515 Hwy. 97 South