Posted on: May 11, 2016

Advisory Council Meeting Highlights

April 12, 2016 Meeting

1. Review of 2016 Property Assessment Methodology

  • The Advisory Council continued to review concerns with BC Assessment’s 2016 property assessment. A follow up meeting with BC Assessment is set to take place following an internal meeting with the Manager of Intergovernmental Affairs.

2. Review of Taxation Laws 16-TX-01, 16-TX-02, 16-TX-03 and 16-TX-04

  • The Advisory Council reviewed and recommended that the the proposed taxation laws be approved by WFN Council after discussion with WFN’s Surveyor of Taxes.

3. Review of Capital Works 2016 Projects

  • The Advisory Council met with the Director of Development Services to review the upcoming capital works projects set to take place over the next fiscal year.

4. Review of the Revised Advisory Council Law

  • The Advisory Council met with WFN Legal Counsel to review the proposed revisions to the Advisory Council Law following feedback received from Advisory Council members.

5. Update on Lakeridge Park

  • The Advisory Council received an update on the Lakeridge Park lease project from WFN Legal Counsel. Updates will continue to be received bi-monthly as the project continues.

6. District Reports Advisory Council members each presented updated reports of their respective districts.

Next Meeting: Tuesday May 10, 2016 at 9:00am in the WFN First Floor Boardroom.

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