October 20, 2020 - In accordance with Westbank First Nation (WFN) Advisory Council Law 2017-10, October 15, 2020, saw a new Advisory Council voted in for a three-year term by WFN residents. The 2020 – 2023 Advisory Council includes new representatives Steven Gilroy (Lakeridge District) and Michael Trenn (Lakeshore District), and returning representatives Ludwig Teichgraber (East Boundary District), John Cole (Prairie District) and Rick Ould (Old Okanagan District).

WFN enacted the Advisory Council Law, April 1, 2005, to provide Non-Members living on Westbank Lands, or having an interest in Westbank Lands, with a mechanism through which they may have input into proposed Westbank Law and proposed amendments to Westbank Law that directly and significantly affect them. The law provides for the establishment of five Advisory Council members, comprised of residents from each of the five districts. WFN residents vote to elect the representatives to serve a three-year term on the Advisory Council.

At their first regular meeting, November 10, 2020, Advisory Council representatives will be sworn in and will vote to determine Chair and Vice Chair. WFN residents wanting to attend regularly scheduled meetings which are held on the second Tuesday of each month at the WFN Government building should reach out to the Advisory Council Chair. All details can be found at

Duties and Responsibilities of Advisory Council representatives include advising Chief and Council regarding proposed WFN Laws or law amendments, review of the annual Local Government Services Budget, which sets property taxation rates and how collected property taxes will be spent, receiving and considering petitions from Non-Members, and advocating on behalf of individuals or special interest groups.

Residential neighbourhoods included in each district are as follows: Lakeridge (Campbell Road, Kelowna West Estates, Lakeridge Park, Nancee Way Village, Royal Heights, Scenic Valley, West Harbour and Westpoint); Lakeshore (Golden Homes, Jubilee/Suntree, Paradise, Pine Ridge Estates, Pine Villas, Princess Enterprises, Quail Court, Shady Beach, Tuscany Villa and Westgate); East Boundary (Berkley McDougall Estates, Cougar Ridge, Crown Estates, Sage Creek, Talons, Tesora Arca and Westview Village); Prairie (Aria, Grandview Terrace, Sonoma Pines, Sun Village and Westlake Gardens); Old Okanagan (Bayview, Copper Sky, Green Acres, Old Okanagan Hwy, Park Lake Estates, Shannon Lake, Sierra and Village Green).