Benefits to purchasing on Leasehold land 

Westbank First Nation and its Members are known for their many successful leased land agreements with large corporations and developers. There are nearly 10,000 residents and 500 businesses on WFN lands including international big box stores such as Walmart, London Drugs, Home Depot and Superstore.

Benefits to purchasing on leased land, whether residential or commercial, include the following:

  • Being part of the fastest growing community in the central Okanagan; WFN’s latest census growth is at 28%
  • Access to modern community spaces; recreational, educational and employment opportunities; and effective transportation and pathways
  •  No PST, GST, property transfer tax or speculation tax on most all properties on WFN land
  • On a $800,000 purchase this can equate to $55,000 in savings
  • Purchase prices can be lower with closer lake access and better views
  • Not buying the land saves you money which enables you to purchase a higher quality place in a more expensive area than you might not otherwise be able to do
  • Can include amenities not always found in residential neighborhoods such as clubhouses, pools, tennis courts, playgrounds and golf courses, plus services such as lawn mowing
  • Secure long term investments (often 50-125 years)
  • Leases are all registered and many are pre-paid
  • Tax free employment and shopping for First Nation individuals on reserve lands

WFN neighbourhoods include:

  • Commercial:  Okanagan  Lake  Shopping  Centre,  Snyatan  Shopping  Centre,  Governor’s  Landing  &  Market,  Estates Square,  Westbank  Hubs:  North  &  Centre,  Vintage  View Centre, Mountainview Plaza and Gateway Plazas I, II & III
  • Residential: Sierras,  Lakeview  Lodge,  West Harbour,  Bayview,  Lakeridge  Park,  Sonoma  Pines,  Sage Creek,  Copper  Sky,  Westlake  Estates,  Sun  Village, Grandview  Terrace,  Tuscany  Villa,  Tesaro  Arca-Townhomes for Toys, Creekside-Crowntown, Elkridge, Royal Heights, Talons, Aria, and Campbell Road.