COVID vaccine for children ages 5-11

Health Canada has approved the Pfizer COVID vaccine for children ages 5-11. They have authorized a two-dose regimen to be given at least 8 weeks apart with a lower dose than the adult dose. A child must have had their 5th birthday before they can receive a vaccine. If a child has tested positive for COVID-19, they can receive 2 doses of the vaccine once their isolation period has ended and they no longer show symptoms of the COVID-19 infection. If possible, children should not receive the COVID -19 vaccine within 14 days of other vaccines, including the flu vaccine, as a precaution to monitor for any side effects.

WFN Health Team will be running a small COVID-19 vaccine clinic for WFN Members’ children ages 5-11. Vaccine vials have to be used within a few hours once they are open, so the clinic will run 1 day on December 15, 2021, from 4:00-6:00pm. It will be located in the Siya room, upstairs in the Community Services building.

The road closures are affecting the estimated transportation times. Any WFN family who is interested in their child or children ages 5-11 to have the COVID-19 vaccine, can call Community Services at 250 768 0227 to have their child’s name added to the list or can email their information to the health team. Please include the best way to reach you by phone or email and a member of the Health Team will follow up with the date of the clinic once it is determined. A parent or guardian must attend the clinic with the child to provide verbal consent for the vaccination. A parent or guardian can also speak to the community health nurse and give verbal consent over the phone if someone else is accompanying the child to the clinic.

Don’t panic if you aren’t able to attend the WFN clinic. Children will also be able to receive the vaccine through Interior Health at any time. If your child has a Personal Health Number (PHN), the fastest option is to register online. If a child does not have a PHN then registration can be done over the phone at 1-833-838-2323. Every child can get vaccinated, even if they don’t have a PHN or other documentation.

Resource links to information regarding the COVID vaccine for children ages 5-11, include:

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