Community COVID-19 Update – August 11, 2021

August 11, 2021 - The Community Services Health Team continues to manage the local outbreak of COVID-19 by moving to a 12-hour work rotation, 7 days a week over the next two weeks. This will allow WFN to manage testing, contract tracing and better support positive cases and those in isolation. WFN staff are also working closely with Interior Health and procuring items needed to support Membership during this time.

The Westbank Child Development Centre will remain closed with a reopening date of August 23, 2021 and Pine Acres Home remains closed to visitors at this time.

WFN will not be hosting any indoor gatherings, and any programming that can be, will be moved outdoors. WFN staff who are able to work from home have been encouraged to do so, in effort to reduce the number of people in WFN buildings.

As of August 11, 2021, there are:

·        10 active cases in the WFN community;

·        50 cases total since March 2020;

·        14 individuals and 7 households are currently self isolating;

·        758 tests have been conducted since March 2020;

·        1114 first dose and 888 second dose vaccines have been distributed;

·        0 deaths Since March 2020

Anyone experiencing any COVID symptoms (headache, sore throat, fever body aches) or believe to have been in contact with a positive case should call Community Services to book a COVID test. Symptoms can still arise if you have been double vaccinated and you can still contract the COVID virus. Those who are double vaccinated will likely experience less severe symptoms.

The Community Services team will ask questions to identify optimum testing time and decipher isolation requirements. Optimal testing time is five days from exposure.

If you are on isolation and require additional support, please let the Health Team know so they can connect you with the appropriate support.

Community Services is testing the following groups:

Individuals with symptoms, both immunized and non-immunized;

Direct contacts with a COVID positive case, both immunized and non-immunized;

Isolation period are determined from vaccination status.