Posted on: March 10, 2016 

Next Community Planning Meeting set for March 22

WFN Members are invited to the next Community Planning Meeting on March 22, 2016, where we will continue the discussion of member housing, including A to A leases, the allotment process, and homelessness. We will also briefly discuss Neighbourhood Plan 10-2. Dinner will be provided, so please let us know if you can attend calling 250-769-4999, emailing, or joining the event page on Facebook. Outcomes of the meeting will help guide the update of the WFN Housing Strategy.


New Member house in WFN Community Core 


WHEN:  Tuesday, March 22, 2016  |  5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

WHERE: 1st Floor Boardroom, Community Services, 1900 Quail Lane


Helpful Links

Map of available Community Lands within IR9, IR10, and IR12

2011 WFN Housing Strategy

Meeting Recaps

Participate Via Live Stream

Connect to the meeting's live online audio stream and live chat! At the February 23 meeting, we will test out live streaming for the first time. To connect to the audio stream/call, first provide your email so we can invite you to the stream. You'll be able to listen to the conversation, follow along with the PowerPoint presentation, and comment via a live chat. We are still testing equipment and the program, so please be patient as we work to perfect the streaming process.

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About Monthly Community Planning Meetings

At the new monthly Community Planning Meetings, hosted by the WFN Planning & Development Department, members can provide feedback on various issues impacting WFN Lands and the general community.

Meetings will cover various topics, including:

  • Neighborhood Plan 10-2 (includes Sneena Road overlook lands)   
  • Gallagher’s Canyon
  • Red Cloud Housing
  • WFN Housing Strategy
  • Member housing
  • WFN Land Use Law    


Graeme Dimmick, MCIP, RPP
Senior Planner, Development Services
T 250 769 4999