Posted on: February 26, 2016 

Council Highlights 

sknir’mn (February) 1 and 15, 2016 Highlights

Council met with Grand Chief Ed John who has been appointed as Special Advisor to the Minister of Children and Family Development (“MCFD”). There are currently around 2,800 Aboriginal children in care in the Province of B.C. and his role is to assist the Province in understanding how best to work with First Nation communities to see these children come into permanent care in homes where they will be properly nurtured but also be able to maintain their ties to their culture. He has found that one of the greatest barriers to getting children into permanent care is funding and he has been stressing to the Province that more funds need to be allocated to addressing this issue. Another barrier that he has been addressing with the Province is the deficiency of communication and relationship between senior levels of management within MCFD and First Nations and he is advising the Province on the need to see this barrier addressed and ways to do that. Grand Chief Ed John has also been instrumental in helping First Nation communities obtain information on which children in their community are in continued care so that First Nation Councils may be more directly involved in overseeing the care of children within their communities. Council and staff will continue to collaborate with Grand Chief Ed John and MCFD staff on the WFN children who are currently in continued care.

Council signed a Memorandum of Understanding for Partnership and Aboriginal Education with Okanagan College (“MOU”) at a formal signing ceremony held in the Council Chambers on sknir’m 1, 2016. In short, the MOU indicates that both parties will:

  • Embrace the spirit and intent of the Indigenous Education Protocol for Colleges and Institutes on join projects, planning and development;
  • Work collaboratively on projects and programs that will benefi t the WFN community;
  • Review and consider the provision of appropriate support to Okanagan College by WFN on proposals and projects requiring partnership with an Aboriginal community;
  • Work to support WFN students in their success in post-secondary education; and
  • Work in partnership on WFN community engagement for Okanagan College sponsored Aboriginal events.

Representatives of Okanagan College presented WFN with the gift of a beaded medallion in honour of the signing and in return, WFN presented them with a WFN blanket to add to the 2 WFN blankets they currently had on loan from WFN (which WFN agreed to let them have permanently in honour of the MOU.)

Council gave Third and Final Reading to, and enacted, WFN Capital Expenditure Bylaw No. 15-TX-09 for the expenditure of up to $22,500 for renovations to the Inter-Governmental Affairs Office in The WFN Government Building.

Council designated Lots 539 through 544, Plan 104807 CLSR, IR #9 (6 lots on Falcon Lane) for the purpose of Member housing allocations. The Allotment Commission will be initiating another allotment process for the allotment of these lots, and will be advertising the application open date, along with more information on the homes to be built on these lots, in the near future.

Council reappointed the following Members to the Allotment Commission, for another 3 year term, effective sknir’mn (February) 8 once their current terms come to an end:

  • səxʷk’ʷinaʔmam Christopher Derickson (Council Member seat)
  • səxʷk’ʷinaʔmam Brian Eli (Alternate Council Member seat)
  • Chris Alexander
  • Phaidra Jenner
  • Phyllis Sundstrom
  • Llana Teichroeb