May 20, 2021 - way’, the City of West Kelowna (CWK) is wanting to collaborate with WFN on the construction of their new City Hall which will be built next to the Johnson-Bentley swimming pool, adjacent to WFN’s ‘cut-off’ lands. Construction of the 45,000 sq-ft building will begin June 2021 and complete December 2022. It will include two floors for CWK’s City Hall, and one floor for an Okanagan Regional Library.

WFN and CWK staff are currently working to identify area and site opportunities, including WFN employment, bidding and mentorship opportunities, as well as cultural and artistic opportunities. The first tender, ‘Earthworks’, closes May 25, 2021, followed by a ‘Foundations’ tender, then ‘Mechanical/Electrical, ‘Exterior Finishing/Fixtures’, and ‘Interior Work/Drywalling’.

Member Contractors and Suppliers have been identified and are encouraged to direct inquiries or information during bid periods to Spencer Calhoun, Snr Prj Mgr, Spencer.Calhoun@stuartolson.com250-258-7993, who will provide recommendations to CWK for final evaluation and tendering of bids. Additionally, each subcontractor is to employ at least one skilled or unskilled WFN Member, Member spouse/partner, or Member dependent for the duration of the various contracts.

WFN has built a Project webpage (, and project logo (above), to keep people aware of the various bidding, employment and cultural/art opportunities as they become available over the next year and a half.

WFN’s ‘Employment Opportunities’ Facebook page will be updated regularly, as well as WFN’s Member Facebook and Sp’íwcən Member Newsletter. For more information on employment opportunities, contact Janice Money, Employment Coordinator,, or Kevin Ned, Employment & Training Facilitator, kned@wfn.ca250-768-0227.

Lastly, WFN is seeking Elders, Knowledge Keepers, Youth, Community Members, and Staff to participate on a WFN engagement-working group to provide input on the various aspects of this project. If interested, please contact Jolene Esau, Executive Assistant to Director of Operations,, or Mandi Carroll, Director of Economic Development and Communications, We welcome and encourage your participation and involvement, lim ləmt!