Mayor Milsom and City of West Kelowna (“CWK”) Council have been working closely over the past year to establish a strong relationship between our two communities. Earlier this year, CWK Mayor and Council approached Westbank First Nation (“WFN”) Chief and Council to collaborate on a design for the new City Hall project. The building will be located adjacent to our cut-off lands and the Johnson Bentley Aquatic Center in West Kelowna. The City Hall project is in its preliminary stages allowing for meaningful collaboration between WFN and CWK. We believe this partnership exhibits the renewed relationship between our two communities.

CWK has approached WFN to develop a working group composed of Members and staff to co-facilitate the project. We believe this is a unique opportunity to expand our relationship in our local community and has the potential to open up many more opportunities should this collaboration be successful. The project is a holistic opportunity inclusive of design and features/amenities.

We are in a new era of reconciliation where local, provincial, and federal governments recognize us as a sovereign nation. We believe that working closely with the City of West Kelowna is an opportunity for our community to lead recognition and reconciliation. WFN is seeking Elders, knowledge keepers, youth, and community members to participate in the CWK working group. Interested Members can contact Jolene Esau at