Vehicle Window Decals for iʔ sqilxʷ tl̓ stqáʔtkʷɬniw̓t (WFN Members) 

Vehicle window decals are available to all iʔ sqilxʷ tl̓ stqáʔtkʷɬniw̓t planning to access Gallagher’s lands. These decals will help səxʷn̓cwil̓tm (WFN LEOs), səxʷlk̓am (RCMP) and BC Conservation Officers quickly and easily identify which vehicles are owned by iʔ sqilxʷ tl̓ stqáʔtkʷɬniw̓t  and therefore welcome to access this area and enjoy the nature. 

səxʷn̓cwil̓tm are regularly patrolling Gallagher’s area (Tsinstikeptum IR# 11 & 12)
for the safety and security of iʔ sqilxʷ tl̓ stqáʔtkʷɬniw̓t accessing the lands, as well as conservation of the animals and forests. 

If you would like a decal for your vehicle, please contact səxʷn̓cwil̓tm at 250 769 4999 or and one will be mailed to you. Limlemt