In a recent interview for the BC Trapper Magazine, WFN Elder Raymond Derickson spoke to the history of Derickson family trapline, and its continued connection to the land and Westbank First Nation community. The trapline was first registered in October 1926 by Edward Mickey Derrickson, and since that time has remained an active fixture in the area.

More recently, the cabin and neighbouring Derickson Lake have provided support for conservation and natural restoration efforts. Through the Derickson Lake project, trout were successfully reintegrated into the lake with support provided through the Okanagan Nation Alliance. This initiative will support other lake restoration projects within the Okanagan Nation and other communities in future.

Through 2015 and 2016 an experimental program to catch and release lynx was implemented through partnership with the Wildlife Division of the Okanagan Nation Alliance. This initiative sought to better understand the movement of lynx through the West Kettle River area and their connection to species in the State of Washington.

Today the trapline continues to provide in a number of ways through the provision of various programming to both community Elders and youth. This programming will further be supported through grant funding opportunities to conduct future environmental and archaeological surveys of the trapline, as well as to provide continued support for the long term vision of a research and educational centre.

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