Posted on: February 1, 2016

For Immediate Release

Okanagan College and Westbank First Nation Sign MOU

Okanagan College and Westbank First Nation signed a "Partnership and Aboriginal Education" Memorandum of Understanding on February 1, 2016.  

Okanagan College recognizes stga2txwln' iwt sqilxw / Westbank First Nation as a self-governing nation and that the Okanagan College Kelowna campus operates within the boundaries of the sqilxw traditional territory where WFN is the host nation. The parties recognize the importance of building a long-term working relationship that will benefit both WFN's Members and Okanagan College, and therefore agree as follows:

  1. That the parties will embrace the spirit and intent of the Indigenous Education Protocol for Colleges and Institutes on joint projects, planning and development to facilitate opportunities for culturally appropriate, meaningful, and quality education and skills training to meet WFN' s community needs and public education standards.

  2. That WFN and OC will work collaboratively on projects and programs that will benefit the WFN community by creating a healthy, strong, and vibrant community through increased access to post -secondary education and building professional capacity as a self -governed nation.

  3. That WFN will diligently review and consider the provision of appropriate support to OC on proposals and projects that require partnership with an Aboriginal Community.
  4. That the OC Aboriginal Access and Services Department and the WFN Education Department or their successors will work together to support WFN students in their success in post -secondary education.

  5. That WFN and OC will work in partnership on WFN community engagement in respect of Okanagan College sponsored Aboriginal events.

  6. That this MOU will be reviewed annually to ensure that it continues to fully reflect the parties' priorities and expectations.