WFN General Election, Chief's Early Departure

June 17, 2022 - As the conclusion of a three-year term of office for Westbank First Nation (WFN)’s Chief and Council draws near, WFN’s Government is preparing for a general election and vote of its Membership on September 15, 2022. Although Chief Derickson resigned his position as Chief effective today, no by-election is necessary according to WFN’s Constitution as there are only three months remaining in the term.

“Council thanks Chief Derickson for his service to WFN, and thanks Membership and past leadership for the strength of the Constitution, ensuring effective governance in the face of any change,” says WFN Councillor Jordan Coble. “We will continue to operate as an elected body making collective decisions in the best interest of Membership, today and in the terms ahead.”

In his resignation, Chief Derickson noted a recent unauthorized land sale transaction by WFN as part his reason for an early departure from office. WFN’s Council unanimously supported an independent review of the transaction, led by the Honourable Marion Buller, and agreed to proceed in full with her recommendations. Over the past several months, Council has been overseeing the review to determine what transpired, implement the recommendations, and take the necessary steps to protect WFN’s assets.

“Council remains committed to ensuring good governance, including open and inclusive dialogue with its Membership, all members of Council, and Administration,” says Councillor Coble. “We look forward to the upcoming election and to forging ahead with WFN’s Government priorities in alignment with the growing needs of our Members, residents, and businesses.”

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