Starlite Road/Fauquier Property Campground Opens to WFN Membership July 1, 2020

WFN is pleased to offer Membership an opportunity to camp at the Fauquier property located in the Arrow Lakes area beginning July 1, 2020. WFN has developed a campsite hosting seven(7) R.V. sites and two (2) tent sites. Each site is equipped with water access (WFN strongly recommends boiling water before consumption) as well as a fire pit. A fee of $10.00 per night is due upon registration.

Please note that WFN currently has a caretaker on site.

Interested Members can contact Darlene Nicolle, Housing Clerk, at 250-769-4999 to book.

Directions to campground, 7834 Starlite Road, Fauquier
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