April 9, 2021 - Westbank First Nation (WFN) in partnership with the City of West Kelowna (CWK) is offering funding to help property owners who demonstrate the use of FireSmart principles and initiatives to reduce the risk of wildfire damage to their homes and community.

The goal of FireSmart is to encourage communities and citizens to adopt and conduct Fire Smart practices to mitigate the negative impacts of wildfire assets on public and private property. This funding is available to residents of WFN and CWK, and previously has proven to be a success in mitigating potential risks within the Westside.

To Qualify for Funding:

  • FireSmart activities must be located in the FireSmart Home Ignition Zone which includes the home and surrounding yard area – FireSmart Non-Combustible Zone and Priority Zone 1, 2, and 3. (Zones 2 and 3 considered after addressing concerns of Home Ignition Zone, Non-Combustible Zone, and Zone 1)
  • Only activities that are recommended in the completed assessment and that are identified in Table 1 are eligible for the rebate
  • Rebates are limited to a maximum of 50% of the total cost of the eligible activities identified in the table and no more than $500 per property
  • Residential property owners can complete the mitigation activities themselves, or hire others to complete the work
  • Residential property owners must complete and submit a FireSmart Assessment using the FireSmart Home Ignition Zone Assessment Scorecard
  • Residential property owners must complete and submit a FireSmart Grant Application
  • A before and after photo of each project area from same position must be submitted
  • Completed FireSmart Work Hours Form
  • Receipts of incurred expenses must be submitted (if applicable)

To learn more about this opportunity please visit www.westkelownacity.ca/en/our-community/firesmart

Application deadline will be October 31, 2021.

Application Form