Posted on: March 14, 2016 

Students Complete Heavy Equipment Operator Certification

Community members who completed the Heavy Equipment Training Certification program were recently honoured at a luncheon on March 4, 2016. On behalf of Chief and Council, Councillor De Guevara congratulated the successful participants for their accomplishments.

The HEO program started in November and took 13 weeks to complete. Nine WFN members and community members obtained their HEO Certification. WFN partnered with Velocity Training and Southern InteriorConstruction Association to offer space for training. The training is Industry Training Apprentices recognized, and WFN members will be registered to log 250 hours before achieving certification of apprenticeship.

By completing this program, members have an opportunity to gain sustainable employment. The program was offered on site at Red Cloud Way and included safety and equipment familiarization as well as basic advanced equipment operation training. The on-site training involved cleaning of debris and prepping the land for further development. The participants in this program can be employed in a variety of jobs such asconstruction, road building, and forestry. Students completed operation training of the following equipment: 308 and 319 Excavator, D3 and D5 Dozer, 924Rubber Tire Loader, 420 Back Hoe, and a 30-tonne Rock Truck.

Congratulations to the following successful participants: A. Parker, D. George,T. Collins,G. Moody,S. Payton,J. Koller,C. Esau,R. Alexander,R. Petel,J. Austin,J. Gladue,C. Wilson,R. Wheeler,I. Couch,N. Alexis, andD. Ehret.