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y̓il̓mixʷm and yi səxʷk̓ʷinmaʔəm (Chief and Council) have been approached by Simon Fraser University (“SFU”), The Native Nations Institute of the University of Arizona (“NNI”), and Fulbright Canada “Honouring Nations” to develop a six-part case study. Council is aware that many academics have written about Indigenous nations, but rarely do we see nations write about themselves, this includes our own. We believe that this is an opportunity to define the narrative for the benefit of economic and governance research as well as own our intellectual property rights/knowledge.

Council has agreed to work with the three institutions on a business case focused on how WFN has been successful and what it has learned over the past 20 years. As a pre-requisite, Westbank needs to form a committee with the other three partners to establish an agreement about ownership of data and stories that belong to WFN. We will need to help identify potential researcher/writers to help develop the case study under academic supervision. It will also need to identify potential events that could serve as the focus for the case study.

WFN will work with our three partners to identify a few other good cases outside of WFN and to help as needed, especially if some of the Nations involved lack experience with developing case studies.

We are looking forward to hearing from you, beautiful relatives and see this as an opportunity to have Members lead discussions on topics that pique your interest.

Members who are interested in forming this committee can contact Executive Assistant to y̓lmixʷm Derickson, Adrianna Tournat at atournat@wfn.ca or OfficeofCouncil@wfn.ca by May 28th.