The age for applying for Indian registration without parental consent is being lowered to 16 (from 18).  This will align the adult age for registration and the Secure Certificate for Indian Status (SCIS).
Registration will require supporting ID of the adult applying (for themselves or on behalf of a  child or dependent adult) in addition to the original long-form birth certificate:

  • In-person clients at the regional office can show the original birth certificate and original supporting ID.
  • IRA-intake applications and mail-in applications require the original birth certificate and a guarantor-signed copy of the supporting ID.  Both of these are to be forwarded to the Department.
  • Note: see “SCIS INFORMATION” section for additional info about the supporting ID – the same rules apply for registration.

If the name on the long-form birth certificate does not match the name on the supporting ID, one or more name-linking documents will be required.  The most common name-linking documents are marriage certificates and  Certificates of Legal Name Change. 

Note – this already applies to the SCIS, but is new for registration.

Already in effect: An adult with a valid adult SCIS can be a guarantor - please read the guarantor form carefully for additional requirements.
Application forms for first-time registration (births) are being replaced.  Use these forms for all first-time registration applications.