Boil Water Notice Removed for Lakeridge Park

February 16, 2022

Clean drinking water samples have been obtained and the boil water notice for Lakeridge Park has been lifted. The boil water notice issued earlier this month was a precaution following a water break on Alexander Place and Michelle Crescent. WFN thanks all residents for their patience while we ensured clean drinking water for all.

Boil Water Notice Issued for WFN's IR 10 Lakeridge Park

February 5, 2022 - Due to yesterday's Water Break on Alexander Place and Michelle Crescent, a Boil Water Notice has been issued until further notice for WFN's Tsinstikeptum 10 "Lakeridge Park" neighourhood.

Sandwich-board signs have been placed in the area and we are advising consumers of the water distribution network to boil their water for a minimum of one (1) minute of a rolling boil, prior to consumption. This is required due to the potentially compromised disinfection process. Tap water may be used for cooking, cleaning, dish washing and hand washing. Additional Boil Water information may be found here

The Boil Water notice will be rescinded as soon as safe drinking water readings can be taken, at which time the sandwich-board signs will be removed and notifications will be issued through WFN's website and social media channels.

WFN's Utilities team can be contacted at 

Water Leak on Michelle Crescent and Alexander Place

February 4, 2022 - Our Utilities team is responding to a water leak that has occurred on Michelle Crescent and Alexander Place. They hope to have it fixed as quickly as possible.

The Utilities team can be contacted at