sncewips Heritage Museum launches a nsyilxcən language revitalization tool

nsyilxcən, an Interior Salish language, is the traditional language of Westbank First Nation and the syilx peoples of the Okanagan valley. According to the 2014 FPCC Report on the Status of B.C. First Nations Languages, only 3.7% of the Okanagan Nation population (5,181) are fluent nsyilxcən speakers. The language is spoken in 7 BC communities and offered in 6 First Nations schools.

In effort to combat the loss of their language, staff at sncewips Heritage Museum, along with help from community members, created a digital nsyilxcən language revitalization tool. Housed on their website, people are encouraged to use the tool to hear a clear pronunciation of many nsyilxcən words. This is one more way to create awareness of syilx culture and ensure it is preserved for future generations. 

nsyilxcən language revitalization tool

sncewips Heritage Museum is open Monday - Friday, 10:00am to 4:00pm with both tour and drop-in options available. 

For more information on the language revitalization tool or the sncewips Heritage Museum contact Jordan Coble at 778-755-2787 or