May 7, 2021 - When we have a cold or break a bone we have no problem seeking support from a doctor. When we hurt our foot or break our leg we do not shame ourselves for not being able to run. We can easily seek support for our physical health but we struggle when it is our mental health. The belief that we should be able to heal our minds without support is a myth that carries severe negative consequences. Just like doctors go to school to help the body psychologist and counsellors go to school to help with the mind, they are 2 sides of the same coin. It is important to recognize that it is okay and a strength to reach out for support when your mental health and well-being are being impacted by experiences in your life. It is no different than going to a doctor when you are suffering from a physical illness.

Being able to recognize when you need help with your mental health is struggling can be harder to identify than when you are physically sick. Noticing when your mood is down, when you lack motivation, when you don't feel like connecting to others or your sense of well-being and joy is gone it's important to reach out for support. Although you might not think anything can help there is always support. Being human is hard and we all need support sometimes. Being able to reach out is not a weakness but a strength and will support you in growing and reaching higher levels of health and well-being both physically and mentally.

Helpful resource links for individuals and families listed below:

Virtual Mental health supports during COVID – 19

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KUU-US Crisis line

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