Posted on: December 19, 2017

Priority snow removal routes and tips for shifting into winter

With the significant snowfall in effect, our Public Works crew is diligently working to keep WFN roadways, sidewalks and driveways clear of snow. Residents are asked to keep vehicles off of the roadways for the duration of the storm event and thereafter to allow for efficient snow removal. We are asking that residents remain patient as our crews are addressing priority 1 and priority 2 routes for emergency vehicle access, while smaller crews are addressing the driveways.

For more information about priority sequence of snow removal, visit our snow removal page.

As the temperature drops and we prepare for icy and snowy driving conditions in the Central Okanagan, please drive safely out there and consider the following tips when shifting into winter travel.

  • Plan your driving in advance by checking weather conditions and updated road reports.
  • Slow down. Posted speed limits are meant for ideal travel conditions.
  • Use caution when you see any Westbank First Nation trucks spraying magnesium chloride or spreading sand and salt along
  • roadways. Magnesium chloride is an environment-friendly, low-corrosion de-icer liquid.
  • Keep roadsides clear of parked vehicles during snow storms. This will significantly help snow plows to effectively clear roads of snow.


The snow removal crew will be limited over the Christmas break (December 22 to January 2) and will do their best to keep our roads and walkways safe for everyone. Thank you for your patience and consideration during the cold winter months.