UPDATE **Following inspection and completed works, the issue has now been resolved. Sensisyusten will reopen and resume classes again tomorrow, April 22nd. We appreciate your patience during this unexpected event.**

UPDATE **The emergency response team that has been tending to the concern at Sensisyusten has determined that for the safety of the children we will be closing the school down and the associated building (Gym, Multi Purpose room) for the day while we tend to the matter.

Parents are being contacted to come and collect their children.  Parents are asked to come to the upper parking lot and teachers will bring the children to them when they arrive.

UPDATE **The emergency response team that responded to the gas odour at sensisyusten has located the problem and is now in the process of containing the problem.**

April 21, 2021 - Today at approximately 8:15 am Sensisyusten school staff noticed a gas-like odour when they arrived at the school. Staff and students were evacuated to the ballfields at Pine Stadium.

Fortis Gas and the West Kelowna Fire Department are on-site along with WFN staff to investigate. Once the building is deemed safe, the school will resume.

Parents will be advised shortly about more details as more information is gathered. We apologize for the inconvenience that this may cause but the safety of everyone is the most important.

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