March 9, 2021 - Tree removal will occur on Lots 404 – 408 Plan CLSR 77632 IR#10 located along Westside Road commencing March 9, 2021. It is anticipated that it will take one week to complete the scheduled works. Tree removal has been approved by WFN.

The leaseholder has completed a detailed Environmental Study which has been reflected in the proposed development. The tree removal has been scheduled at this time to avoid the bird nesting season. The leaseholder has provided WFN with a detailed replanting plan which includes replacement of removed trees and increased naturalization of the site. A portion of the removed trees will be used on site during the proposed development for future walking trails and habitat restoration. The replanting will be completed during the construction Phases of the proposed development.

During the tree removal, the leaseholder will be following WFN and Provincial Best Management Practices and following specific recommendations and mitigation measures. The proposed development is supported by the current land use and zoning. Consultation took place during the creation of the Neighbourhood Plan 10-6, in 2016, which amended the property’s zoning.

Questions or concerns can be addressed to Kary Fell, Planner 1 at WFN, or 250-769-4999.