Uhual Unveils Mural Featuring syilx Artwork


The Uhaul located in Westbank installed a large wall mural along the west-facing wall featuring syilx artwork. The mural was designed by Artist, Sheldon Louis and guided by the Westbank Public Art Committee.

Louis worked with Uhaul to develop a design that would establish a connection between Okanagan people, the land and a sense of travel. The mural describes people moving throughout the nation as a nation while including U-Haul’s business model, connecting our Okanagan culture to the economic world. 

Those who view the mural will notice juxtaposition in the imagery. A traditional canoe being paddled by a nation member wearing a contemporary life preserver. It also acknowledges history featuring a women in the traditional role of a knowledge keeper, connected to the roots, ancestors and ensuring knowledge is passed on. 

The colours were chosen to balance the traditional colours reflected through the ochre shadings of red, orange and yellow. Water connects all living things and is expressed through the use of vibrant blues. These colours are also reflective of the U-Haul brand, touching back to the partnership one final time.