Westbank First Nation community forests recognized for leadership and innovation

Westbank First Nation (WFN) and West Boundary Community Forest have received community forest awards and a $10,000 grant each.

Established in 2016, the Robin Hood Memorial Award for Excellence in Community Forestry is given annually to community forests that align with the values of the late Robin Hood, a BC forest pioneer.

Those values include innovation, leadership, involvement with local communities and First Nations while providing social, economic and environmental benefits to locals.

WFN was recognized for the planning that would develop a wildfire risk management plan, working with their community on wildfire hazard mitigation while providing a space for WFN members studying forest management to apply their skills.The community forest covers over 46,000 hectares in two parcels – one is just west of West Kelowna and the other is northwest of Big White.

“The WFN-CF boundaries balance forest management with traditional use by the Westbank First Nation people for hunting, trapping, food gathering and spiritual use,” explains the website.The Derickson Block, which has been used by WFN families for generations, was added to the WFN-CF in 2009 and is located east of Kelowna, adjacent to the West Kettle River.

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