November 2, 2020 - Five years have flown by, and the CCP review process has now been initiated to ensure a sustainable future for generations to come. The CCP guides growth, development, resource management, and community planning within WFN Lands, administrative areas, and throughout the traditional territory. Guided by WFN Membership, and with support from community members and residents, the CCP looks to utilize traditional knowledge, teachings, practices, and governance to develop and propose principles and actions to help achieve WFN's vision for the future. To help safely engage during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, WFN will be using a new online collaboration tool – Social PinPoint!

Social Pinpoint allows project information to be shared, questions to be asked, feedback to be gathered, and CCP community discussions to take place in a safe, and engaging manner.

WFN has partnered with Dillon Consulting to assist in undertaking the review and update of the CCP. To learn more about Dillon Consulting and engage online please visit our CCP Social PinPoint site:

Username: Password: WestbankCCP2020

WFN is excited to work with, and learn from, Members during this process as we continue to work towards a sustainable future for the community. Please look out for updates in the community newsletter as we move forward!