March 17, 2021 - The Westbank First Nation (WFN) Public Art Committee (PAC) is looking for proposals from the Art Community.

Summary of Project

Fortis BC would like to have indigenous artwork at one of their substations, located at 1823 Tower Ranch Drive, which is in the Ellison community near the airport. Currently a chain link fence fences off the open stations but it is not very attractive. Fortis BC would like to replace the chain-linked fence with something that has local indigenous artwork on it; they are open to many mediums such as sculptures, murals or any other proposals.

The artwork is to be on or adhered to the fence panels surrounding the substation. The fence panels will be a maximum of 9’ tall; they will likely be beige or light in color so they blend into the background environment.

Consider having artwork added to every second panel – as you can see from the screen shot below, the fence that will run the entire length of the north side of the station (facing the road) will be quite long; we are also looking at installing the same fence panels along the west side (left on the photo) but that will be a shorter length.

We’re open to options that can be installed after the fence goes up – whether that be a mural, or something laser etched or attached

For anything attached, if it’s metal we will need to ensure proper safety measures are added (grounding, etc.) to ensure the artwork doesn’t become an electrical conductor.

Expression of Interest

Individuals and organizations are asked to attach a detailed Expression of Interest response that includes the following information:

  • A. Introduction of organization or individual
  • B. Personal vision for the art project
  • C. Proposed pricing or compensation

Supporting Documents (Optional)

Individuals and organization are encouraged to attach additional documents that support or clarify the vision, scope, and intent of the project. This may include any of the following:

  • A. Letters of support or client testimoniesB. Related projects
  • C. Reference images
  • D. Any other documents pertinent to the success of the project

Expressions of Interest must be delivered by one of the following methods indicated below (I. Digitally, or II. Hardcopy). Fax Submissions will not be accepted.

I. Digitally: email submission to: AND 

II. Hardcopy Physically Delivered to:

Westbank First Nation
305-515 Highway 97 South, Kelowna, BC

Attention: Public Art Committee/Michelle Bolan