WFN Stands in Solidarity with the Black Lives Matter Movement

Since time immemorial, the Syilx people have maintained a welcoming, inclusive, and diverse approach to community following the core values and traditions which understood that all people are valued equally. This is reflected in our history, our people, and our captikw which recognizes that all voices can contribute in a way that supports the betterment of our community. While times have changed, this has remained a constant and has helped guide Westbank First Nation (WFN) towards becoming the progressive government that it is today. We continue to reflect these values through our overarching governance instruments, partnerships with our neighbours, and our celebrations as a community.

Unfortunately, this is not reflected in all communities across the world. As we look to the events transpiring in the United States through the collective voices of the Black Lives Matter movement we see that positive change is possible. Together we can eliminate systemic discrimination, and racism. Silence is understood to be reflective of complacency, and WFN will not be complacent.

WFN stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, and denounces racism, lateral violence, and discriminatory practices within our community, and amongst ourselves as First Nations and syilx people. As a community we are strong, and as a community we are empowered by all people, regardless of their ethnicity, race, sex, or religion. Together we are lifted up by our collective achievements, and together we will continue to celebrate what makes each of us unique. Together we will continue to be resilient and stand united against those who would act contrary to these values. Together we can be the voice of change that speaks out for those affected, and provides guidance for the generations to come.

Westbank First Nation welcomes all Members, community members, residents and visitors to join us and encourage one another to act in a manner that is reflective of these values. There is no room for racism here, or anywhere else.