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Information and documentation accessed through Membership login, together with user identification and password information ("Member Information"), is confidential to Westbank First Nation Members and must be kept confidential at all times. From time to time, the WFN IT Department may issue or implement additional security measures or codes, which will become Member Information. Members are responsible to promptly inform WFN’s Communications Department personnel of any need to deactivate or replace any Member Information due to security concerns. WFN is not liable for any personal harm or damages related to the theft of Member Information, the disclosure of Member Information, or any agreement by a user to allow third-party non-Members access and use of password-protected documents and information using Member Information.

I agree to notify WFN immediately as soon as I become aware of any unauthorized use of my Member Information, which may be provided by sending an e-mail to or by mail to: 201-515 Hwy 9 South, Kelowna, B.C. V1Z 3J2.

If you have forgotten the username and password, contact WFN's Communications Department.

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